crank shaft repair machine

Posted by mahmoud Sobhi ( on 20:09:45 27/10/04

It's pleasure to recognize you from the internet & from my general manager. that you are a pioneer in the welding field.
I 'am engineer in the EWA (Egyptian Welding Academy). As apart of HEDO group . My company looking forward to establishing welding repair & maintenance workshop in our factory and we want to transact with your company. So, please send to me some catalogues in a printed document and in English language about the advanced technology of welding repair operation and about your product & equipment which used in the field of thermal spray coating or powder spray coating, and submerged welding re-build of crank shafts, and surface hardening so I can choose the best and suitable product to my company. And I will contact you about our choice and order to it.

With my respect
Repair dept. Manager
Eng. Mahmoud Sobhi Hagag

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Tel.: +202 4745555 (extension No. 140)
Mob.: +2012 1205003
E-Mail :
Address : 6 Octobar St. from El Ismailia Channel St. - Mustorood Cairo - .Egypt .
P.O.Box : 619 Gazin Cairo

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