Re: Gas Flow Controllers (N2/Ar/He)

Posted by Gordon England on February 26, 2003 at 02:27:32:

In Reply to: Gas Flow Controllers (N2/Ar/He) posted by Richard O'Leary on February 25, 2003 at 16:58:01:

: What are the general specifications (Accuracy, etc.) required?

: I am looking to provide solutions to applications in which reliability and automation is required.

: p.s. hope this isn't deemed as 'blatant advertising'!
: :-)

Hi Richard

I see no advert here! I'm sure most people would not find a little self or company promotion objectionable as long as it is relavent and useful. I think most people know when that grey line is crossed.

Re: gas flow controllers which I assume is for plasma spraying processes and I assume you work for a company supplying/manufacturing mass flow meters. Generally, the tube and float type mechanical type flow meters were expected to work within about + or - 5% of normal working flows. Most modern plasma spray equipment now use mass flow meters, which I would hope work well within this degree of accuracy.

Plasma gas flow is a critical parameter and has a complex relationship with plasma arc voltage and anode and cathode geometry. Some rely on fixing gas flows and monitor the resultant plasma arc voltage (system I prefer) and others prefer adjusting the gas flow to achieve a specific voltage.

Which ever way you set the parameters it is important that the plasma gases are delivered with consistent accuracy. I'm tempted to babble on further with this complex subject, but I will stop here.

Richard, perhaps you could give us some pro's and con,s on mass flow meters vs mechanical tube and float flow meters.

Regards Gordon

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