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Posted by Gordon England on February 24, 2003 at 02:24:45:

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: : Hi there...
: : I'm studying ceramic (master science ) and now doing my project's about coating Ti-6Al-4V by hydroxyapatite plasma spraying ... i need some information about plasma spraying and if there is anything related to the topic of my project...thanks u for sending them for me...
: : thanks alot...
: : A R E Z U

: Thank you for being the second person to post to this message board.

: This is a very multi-disiplined subject, biologists, chemists, engineers, etc. one lost without the others.

: My experience of this subject dates back 10-15 years when I had some involvement in developing plasma and arc spray coatings of Ti-6Al-4V and the early hydroxyapatite materials for artificial hip replacement joints. These coatings were intended to be the interface between the component and the bone. The idea being that the bone grows into the coatings and provides a sound anchor.

: Plasma spraying hydroxyapatite powders (similar mineral found in bone)requires careful manipluation of parameters to achieve a coating with a desired amount of porosity, while maintaining strength and the least amount of chemical degradation of the material. Also, economics considerations such as deposit efficiency.

: Perhaps you could provide us with a little more info on this interesting subject and be a bit more specific on the information you require.

: Best regards

: Gordon

This link may be useful:

Regards Gordon

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