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ITS 1610-T: Seal Clearance Control Coating

ITS 1610-T is an intimate combination of 12% silicon aluminium and high temperature polymer powder developed for seal clearance control applications.

Plasma Spray ITS 1610-T Abradable Coating Microstructure

ITS 1610T Plasma Sprayed Coating 250 �m thick.

The powder is applied to a surface by thermal spraying. The resulting coating provides a high degree of "abradability", that is the capability to readily and sacrificially wear away in the event of contact by a mating rotating part. Under such "rub" conditions the mating component will normally suffer negligible loss of material. Coatings are suitable for use in the compressor section of gas turbines, other compressor applications and the cold side of turbochargers. Coatings resist erosion by the flow of gases and are resistant to corrosion, oxidation and other degradation up to temperatures of 400�C for limited duration and 350�C for extended service conditions. ITS 1610-T is thermally stable and resistant to thermal shock.

The material has been developed for deposition by plasma spraying. The coating thickness is determined by factors associated with the application, typically in the range 0.2 mm to 5.0 mm.

Gas Turbine Engine Turbocharger

The use of silicon aluminium/plastic composite seal clearance control coatings in the compressor section of aero engines is well established. Plasma spraying is a proven technology for the application of such coatings. ITS 1610-T harnesses modern technology and efficiencies and results in a product with performance enhancement at minimum cost. Thermal spray processing cost is minimised by the fact that:

The product is expected to find a market in established aero gas turbine applications and extend the benefits of such coatings to other more cost conscious industries such as land based gas turbines, marine gas turbines, industrial compressors, and turbochargers for motor vehicle, marine and other applications.

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